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DunnRite Painting, Inc. FAQ's
Do you paint exteriors and interiors of homes?
Yes, we do! While DunnRite has extensive experience painting commercial and historical properties, the bulk of our work is residential. We apply our meticulous approach to every job we do, whether it be the inside or outside of your home -- or both! 

How often should I paint?
Painting should be done just as you start to see signs of paint failure. Some of these signs, such as efflorescence (see description below) and mold, are only visible to a trained eye. Two of the most obvious signs of paint failure, however, are cracking and fading. A good rule of thumb? If you notice any or all of the aforementioned failures, you’re probably due for a repaint.

How long should I expect my paint job to last?
The life of a paint job varies, and depends greatly on your building's location and associated climate. While the elements can take their toll, quality preparation, application, and materials help ensure maximum longevity of your paint. Many DunnRite customers, including those with properties subjected to harsh mountain conditions, are happy with their paint for up to ten years or more.  

How long does it usually take to paint a residence?
Depending on the condition of the home and the time needed to prepare it for painting, a one-story residence could take one week or less to complete. A two-story home, again depending on it original condition, could take two weeks to complete. Again, these time considerations are an estimate and each time frame is contingent on the individual job and what it specifically entails.

How does DunnRite pricing compare with other painting companies?
We provide exceptional painting and service at a competitive price. Because our workmanship and professionalism are second to none, choosing DunnRite means you are assured of receiving a great value. 

What is Efflorescence?
Efflorescence is a crystalline white chalk that forms on any masonry, such as stucco and concrete. It develops when there is too much moisture from a leak or failed paint surface that has allowed the moisture to penetrate the surface.